There’s this guy… He claims to like me… He likes me “past the moon”… So, he says…

I do not believe it. Why? Because he says there is something that turns him off about me. I feel that no guy should be turned off by me. I do not consider myself perfect, NO WAY… But, I feel like if someone actually liked me… There would be nothing to be turned off about me.

I keep wondering, “what is it?”. There is something in my head telling me, “NOTHING.” So, I am going to go with this voice in my head… I hope he doesn’t think I am going to sit here and wait to think of the possible reasons why he supposedly likes me past the moon, but is turned off by me.

Though it is no longer Thanksgiving, (it is 12:03 A.M. in the area I am at) I still don’t know some things I am grateful for within myself… I am grateful for my family, friends, my little puppy and the clothes and roof and shoes that I have… But, what do I love about myself? Imani. What am I grateful for within myself?

Speaking of this, I have noticed things that I do dislike about myself. I hate my natural hair. Hate it. It’s past my shoulder. But, I hate it. But, what I love about my natural hair is how the wind blows and is going through my hair, to my roots. It feels lovely. I hate my body. But I love how warm I am..

I am sitting here thinking, though the things I do not like about myself…. What if there is someone out there that will love it? Love my natural hair. Love my body. Love the fact that one boob is higher than another… Haha.

I know there is someone out there… That will love all of me… But, why don’t I like these things? I guess they’re considered my flaws… My flaws and all… Why did I feel so empty today? So… Lost…. I felt like a lost soul. I still feel like a lost soul tonight.


white girls are offended that people say they all like to drink starbucks coffee


that’s it

that’s what they’re mad about

bruh if black girls (or any women of color tbh) had a stereotype about drinking overpriced coffee as the height of our problems that would be a LUXURY

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Anonymous: But, the few thing(s) I like about him, even though he is confused about me, is that he listens to me. He takes everything that I say into consideration, he is motivated (he is a DJ out in Stockton, CA. & He has produced for a few rappers from the bay) he says he likes me because I like him for him NOT his reputation which is VERY true!! He just says he cant see himself in a relationship with me "RIGHT NOW". Is this something I should worry about? Do you think he just doesn't want to hurt me? 


Soooo I honestly think you just need to do yo and stop obsessing over why he “doesn’t” want you. Because honestly you don’t deserve to wait. Not on someone else’s time and answers. Make your own answers boo.